How Does the Big Green Egg Work?

Big Green Egg Smoker and Grill
If you have never heard of a Big Green Egg or have never before seen a Big Green Egg you are going to be blown away!

The Big Green Egg is not only a grill, but the Big Green Egg is also a smoker, a convection oven, and a works like a brick over for baking or making the best pizza in your own backyard.

Not only does the Big Green Egg make food taste amazing, it’s also very easy to use. Your Big Green Egg will reach cooking temperature in only a few minutes. The Big Green Egg uses natural lump charcoal as it’s fuel.  Lighting your Big Green Egg is quick and easy, simply light a natural starter cube or an electric starter and let the Big Green Eggs draft do the rest.

Now that your Big Green Egg is lit it’s time to set your temperature. Don’t get worried, controling the temperature on your Big Green Egg is as easy as can be. By using the air flow controls you can adjust and maintain the temperature of your Big Green Egg to within a few degrees.

The Big Green Egg is both safe and easy to clean. The Big Green Egg features a stainless steel cooking grid and it’s ceramic exterior is covered in a lifetime glaze that makes clean up a snap.

I know that once you see a Big Green Egg in action you will have to have one of your own. The food cooked on the Big Green Egg tastes wonderful and it’s easy to use… What more could you ask for?

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