Big Green Egg BBQ Guru

The Big Green Egg BBQ Guru is a life saver for overnight cooks. If you have ever done an overnight cook on a pork butt you now the feeling you get at 3 o’clock in the morning, wondering if the temperature of your Big Green Egg is still the same as when you left it, or ever worse if the fire went out.

The Big Green Egg BBQ Guru is a like a mini computer that you hook up to your Big Green Egg to control the temperature of your Egg. This thing is just amazing. It has two probes, one that goes into the food you are preparing, and one that you attach to the grill grate to monitor the temperature of the Big Green Egg. Now the cool part, the BBQ Guru has a small fan the you place on the draft door on the bottom of the Big Green Egg. With the information the BBQ Guru receives from the temperature probe, it then controls the fan to blow air into your Big Green Egg to control the temperature. This thing is so accurate it will hold the Temperature of your Big Green Egg any where from 32*F/0*C to 475*F/246*C with +/- 2* accuracy.

Besides how well the Big Green Egg BBQ Guru works, what impressed me the most about the BBQ Guru is just how well it’s made. The control box is constructed from powder coated machined aluminum and has bright easy to read red scrolling led lights on the display. With most products made for plastic now a days, it’s very refreshing to see a high quality product that is made to last for years to come.

Bottom line is I’m very happy with my Big Green Egg BBQ Guru. It may have been a little pricy, but after using it for the first time I knew it was well worth the money spent. I now do overnight cooks all the time and never lose a bit of sleep.



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