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How to Make Pizza on the Big Green Egg

Pizza is great on the Big Green Egg. I know some people that bought a Big Green Egg for one reason, and that reason is… To Make PIZZA!!

The Big Green Egg does such a great job on pizza that you will think you got from a restaurant. With the Big Green Egg’s ability to maintain high temperatures with ease and the wood fire the pizza just turns out amazing.

To make pizza on your Big Green Egg you need to decide what kind of dough you are going to use. Many people will make the dough from scratch, and that works great, but what I have found easier is to get my dough from a local pizza restaurant. I just went down to my favorite pizza shop and ask if I could buy some of the dough they make. Most of the pizza places have the dough measured out to make pizza of certain diameters, this make it much easier to make a pizza to fit your stone.

To set up your Big Green Egg for pizza is simple. Get your fire started and once it gets up to about 350* up in your platesetter in the legs down postion with the pizza stone on top. Stablize the Big Green Egg at 550*.

I have found that 550* to be the magic temperature for cooking pizza. It’s just the right temperature as to not burn the crust and still grt the top just right.

Now that the Big Green Egg is ready to go it’s time to get your pizza ready for the grill. Roll out the dough or toss it if you can (I Can’t) and place it on your pizza peel, I like to use the Norpro 5683 Bamboo Pizza Paddle. Cover the dough with a thin layer of sauce. Add the cheese and any toppings you like. Make sure you precook any of your meat toppings. Your pizza will not be on the Egg long enough to cook meat items.

Now is time to cook some PIZZA!!

Before you place your pizza on your Big Green Egg sprinkle a little corn meal on the pizza stone to keep your pizza from sticking. After the pizza is on the Big Green Egg close the lid and wait 7 minutes. Open the lid and check to see how it looks. I have found it take about 7-9 minutes at 550* for the pizza to turn out perfect. Now use your pizza peel and gently slide it under the pizza and remove it from the Big Green Egg.

The best thing to remember is have fun. There is no perfect science when it comes to making pizza. Experiment, try new things and enjoy making pizza on your Big Green Egg.


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