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Big Green Egg Rib Roast, Standing Rib Roast, Prime Rib

If you have never tried to cook a rib roast aka prime rib, don’t worry, a rib roast is one of theĀ easiestĀ meals you can prepare. You will find that making your rib roast on the the Big Green Egg is not only easy, but also tastes fantastic.

To start out go to your local butcher and get your rib roast. A good rule of thumb for determining the size rib roast you need is every rib on the roast will feed two people. Now that you know the size rib roast you need, ask the butcher to cut the bone off and tie it back on. This will make it much easier to slice your rib roast after you roasted it on the Big Green Egg.

Now that you have your rib roast home it’s time to season it. Rub the outside of your rib roast with olive oil. Cover the outside of the roast with your favorite dry rub. Once you have seasoned your rib roast let it come to room temperature.

Set up your Big Green Egg for indirect cooking and preheat your egg to a temperature of 250*.

Place your rib roast on the Big Green Egg and cook to an internal temperature of 110*. Once you get to 110* raise the temperature of the Big Green Egg to 450* and continue to cook until you get to 130*. After you remove let the rib roast rest for 15min tented with foil.

Hope you enjoy.


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